When undertaking training and assessments of riders at club level, clubs are to ensure that they utilise coaches who are familiar with the PCA Syllabus of Instruction 2019 version, as well as the aims and objectives of pony club. 




The requirements for a coach to apply to become a Zone Level Assessor in Pony Club Victoria are listed below.  All potential assessors are to undergo ‘Zone based’ training and mentoring.  They will be required to co-assess on at least two occasions before assessing solo.  Assessors are required to attend development opportunities regularly as provided by their Zone or State. 


Highly Desirable (C Certificate Level)

  • PCA NCAS Prelim or Level 1 accreditation (non-accredited coaches may be considered on a case-by-case basis at discretion of the Zone DCI/ZA panel)
  • Current Workplace Assessor qualification
  • Attainment of PCA Rider Certificate C level or above
  • Experience or qualifications in specialist areas such as; SJ Course Building, Equitation Science etc

Higher certificates (C*/K and above)

  • Certificate assessors who are assessing C*/K level and above are to have a current PCA NCAS Level 1 or equivalent.
  • Equestrian Specialists – there may be a requirement to engage industry experts to assess candidates on skill specific tasks such as Course Building, Course Design, Polocrosse, Equitation Science.  These people are to have the necessary qualifications and accreditations as per their industry standard. 


  • Regular coach at Pony Club Victoria clubs
  • Current PCV Coach member
  • Drivers Licence

A position description can be found here: add link - coming soon

Any interested assessors should contact their Zone Examining Secretary or Zone Chief Instructor to discuss further.




Pony Club Victoria will appoint State level assessors at the discretion of the State Coaching Director.  State Level assessors must have a current PCA Level 1 accreditation obtained for a minimum of 3 active years of pony club coaching.  They will be a current PCV coach member and have a thorough knowledge of the Pony Club Syllabus of Instruction and the certificate level at which they are assessing. 


Ideally, the assessor would have themselves obtained their ‘A’ certificate when a riding member of pony club.  


Trainee assessors must participate in a minimum of two ‘A’ certificate assessments, but more experience is useful. Where possible, a qualification in training and assessment is favourable.  Assessors are required to remain up to date with pony club requirements by attending annual seminars or webinars held by Pony Club Australia or Pony Club Victoria.

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