The Membership Verification Form is only to be used in accordance with the PCV By Laws.


MyPonyClub comes with an APP.

The APP has a virtual membership card that can be used to provide proof of current membership with Pony Club Victoria.  If you need to prove Attendance or Grading you need to produce your physical card.  Grading can be recorded in the Members Profile on MyPonyClub and will show on the members APP. 


A Club member who cannot present their club member card at a competition due to loss or damage, must fully complete a Verification form and submit it to the organising committee card inspector at the competition.

It is not the organising committee's responsibility to provide these forms, and they need to be completed by the member's Club Secretary, DC or Card Secretary, to ensure correct information and authorisation. However they are under no obligation to do so. This form is available for the unavoidable and rare occaisions when grading cards are lost or damaged; every effort should be made to keep cards safe to avoid this situation.

If the information on the Verification form is not fully completed and does not meet all of the eligibility requirements. (By Laws Rule 33) the Club member must not ride.

The form must be forwarded to the Club member's Zone Representative within 7 days of the competition, where the Zone Representative may check that all details are correct. The Zone Representative may determine that frequent use of the Verification Form will result in the member's exclusion from this option. Any dishonest, misleading or inappropriate use of the form will result in the Zone Representative suspending the Club Member from all competitions for a minimum of 3 months. (By Laws Rule 14)

For more information or to obtain a replacement Grading Card call the PCAV Office on 03 8685 8925 or email directly

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