Event/Discipline Sub Committees

These organising committees have been formed to run the relevant State Competitions.  Interested persons are invited to nominate for position(s) on PCV Sub Committees.

Appointments are for a three-year term, and 1/3 of the Sub Committee retires each year or as prescribed from time to time by State Council. Retiring Sub Committee members may be re-appointed.

Refer to the PCV ByLaws 4.5. – Sub Committees



Dressage & Showjumping State Championships

PURPOSE:  To conduct the State Championship for Dressage and Showjumping each year.   NOMINATION FORM


Committee 2019-2020

Shari Mawson-Cannon Chair
Coral  Byrne Secretary
Teri Kirkham  
Michelle Cameron  
Lisa Hocking  
Catherine Schwarz  
Ian Don  
Sue Foley  
Graeme Johnstone  
David Stammers  


Horse Trials Festival

Comprising Horse Trials State Championships and Inter Zone Teams

PURPOSE:  To conduct the State Championships for Horse Trials each year.   NOMINATION FORM


Committee 2019-2020

Linda Smith Secretary Horse Trials
Val Armstrong


Inter Zones

Jenny Wilhelm  
Paul Seuren  
Lynne Brown  
Laurie Cruise  
Wayne Cuthbert  
Catherine Schwarz  
Ian Don  


Games, Flat Teams & Musical Ride State Championships

PURPOSE:  To conduct the state championship event for Games, Flat and Musical Ride each year.   NOMINATION FORM


Committee 2019-2020

Emily McDonald Secretary
Laurie Cruise  
Graeme Johnstone  
Coral Byrne  
Robyn Coutts  
Deirdre Davey  
Daniel Morris  
Jan Bromwich  
Rod Keast  
Phillip Cobbledick  

National Mounted Games 

PURPOSE: This Committee runs the NMG training and development program as well as organizing the Mounted Games competitions each year.  NOMINATION FORM


Committee 2019-2020

Graeme Johnstone Chair
Jodie Bissicks Secretary
Alistair  Ling  
Laurie Cruise  
Tim Puckey  
Janet Teague  
Ian Seini  
Ellyse Davis  
Peter  Favaloro  
Junior Coach (appt 2014)  
Tim  Ling  


PURPOSE: Lead the introduction of Tetrathlon into the PCV program, conduct training and competitions including the state championships for Tetrathlon and select riders to compete for Victoria at the National Championships.   NOMINATION FORM


Committee 2019-2020

Suzanne Kiley  
Kate Thompson Chair
Kalinda Wade  
Matt Wade  
Jo Campbell  
James Lang  
Carolyn DeGaris  

National Championships Advisory

PURPOSE: To plan, advise and fundraise for PCV teams attending national championships and to organize and run the PCA National Championships when PCV hosts this event.    NOMINATION FORM


Committee 2019-2020

Tracy  Hosier Chair/Secretary
Paul  Seuren  
Caroline DeGaris  
Imogen  Cannard  
Michelle Cameron  
Teri Kirkham  
Melissa Kitto  
Peter Kitto  
Suzanne Kiley  
Virginia Mock  
Andrea Barton  
Kate Thompson  
Sally Perry  
Karen Trevorrow  
Kim  Ward  
Stephanie Comfort  
Carly Heislers  


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