17 FEB 2020

Governance Update | FEB 2020​

*Please note this is the current update from the PCV State Council, the information sent on Friday, 14th February 2020 was the orginal update from State Council regarding the direction governance review and change will take.

The Pony Club Victoria would like to take this opportunity to update the members on our progress in developing a revised constitution based on the model adopted at the SGM in October.

A Governance Subcommittee has been formed, comprising some members from State Council, and some from the wider Pony Club community. This subcommittee has met twice, and considered the comments from members that were received when a Draft Constitution document was circulated towards the end of last year.  

The Draft has evolved considerably due to the members' comments and the contribution of the subcommittee. 

We had hoped to have the Draft ready for comment by now, but due to the difficult circumstances over the summer, this has been delayed.

The subcommittee is to meet again at the end of the month, and when we have a Draft that is ready, it will be circulated to members for their comments. We hope to do this in the first half of March.

At the same time we will also propose a timeline for consultation, review, legal vetting and a Special General Meeting.

Peter Favaloro
PCV President

14 FEB 2020

Governance Update | FEB 2020

Since the AGM where it was resolved by members to pursue a Unified Model of governance your State Council has: 

  • Distributed a draft and invited comment
  • Formed a Governance sub-committee comprising of State Council and Club representatives.
  • Set a timeline for implementation including further consultation 

The Sub-committee has met and the major revisions to date are:

  • Improved and simplified Statement of Purposes to be more plain English.
  • Simplified membership categories from ‘Riding Member’ and ‘Adult Supporter’ to be ‘Individual Member’.
  • Ensured that Clubs are able to accept an Individual Member prior to becoming a PCV member.
  • Clarified Delegate clause,
  • Reworded Cessation of Membership clause
  • Reworded Discipline clause for clarity and minor edits to make more workable
  • Changed quorum to request an SGM to 10% of members
  • Changed notice of SGM to 28 days 
  • Added in clause that a Governance Policy document will be developed by the Board that will include stipulating purchasing, procurement and delegations policies

The Sub-committee will meet again in January to complete their revision, at that time an updated draft will be circulated for further comment. 

The timeline will be:

  1. Committee to reconvene mid January to complete draft
  2. Circulate for comment and revise
  3. Legal review
  4. Late March/early April SGM

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