What is a Rally?

Rallies are the backbone of Pony Club!  A rally is a structured, supervised day, where lessons are conducted on horse riding and horsemastership.  Rallies provide the Club with the opportunity to explore all sorts of horse sports and present them to their riders.  

Rallies should be fun, family orientated occasions where both rider and parent can learn more about the proper maintenance of their horse or improving basic riding skills.

A club will hold at least eight rallies each PCV year (1JUL-30JUN).  Rallies are open to all Club members and may include visiting members (PCV Members who are members or another Pony Club) or Come & Try Members.

Members must attend a certain number of rallies each year to be eligible to compete at Pony Club competitions, this varies depending on your age.

  • Juniors:  5 Rallies
  • Senior:   2 Rallies

Joint Rallies

Sometimes neighbouring Pony Clubs will join together to have a rally, this is a great opportunity for riders to meet other Pony Club members and can open the door to offer different learning opportunities for members.

What happens at a Rally?

Clubs are limited only by their imaginations!  

Some clubs over the journey have offered all sorts of learning opportunities to their members outside of the standard olympic disciplines such as campdrafting, vaulting, polocrosse or carriage driving.  

Plenty of opportunities to improve horse management knowledge too with Clubs often getting a vet, horse dentists, farrier or master saddlers to educate on horse health and proper fit of gear.  

Pony Clubs can offer any approved horse sport and should be aiming to teach the latest in horse care and management!

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