Event Overview

Entrants must be qualified

The PCV Horse Trials Festival feature the PCV State Horse Trials Championships and the InterZone Teams Horse Trials events.  Horse Trials events comprise of three disciplines – Dressage, Cross Country and Showjumping, which are conducted on the same weekend. Combinations compete in all three disciplines. 

PCV Horse Trials State Championships

The PCV Horse Trials State Championships are preceded by individual qualifying competitions. The Organising Committee will distribute riders from each Zone as evenly as possible throughout the sections. 

Event History

In 1955 the first inter-branch competition was held by Mornington Peninsula Pony Club. The Horse Trials State Championships is conducted annually for qualified Grade 1 & Grade 2 combinations of horse and rider. In 1977, the State Championships rotation began with North Eastern Zone conducting followed by the Zones in rotational order: Northern Metropolitan, Midland, West Gippsland, Wannon, Southern Metropolitan, Northern, Central, East Gippsland, Barwon and back to North Eastern.

Who can attend? 

Combinations graded Grade 1-3 Horse Trials.

A rider may compete in both Grades 1,2 and 3 on different qualified combinations at the Horse Trials State Championships. The competition will be conducted on an individual basis.

Club Teams: teams will consist of 3-4 riders comprised of one Grade 1, 2 and 3 rider and one additional rider from grades 1, 2 or 3. The best three scores will count.

How do I qualify?

Attending official qualifiers conducted around the zones.  For specific qualifying condition see D.6 Entries for State Championships (Qualifying Criteria) in the Horse Trials Rulebook.

PCV InterZone Team Horse Trials

The PCV InterZone Teams Horse Trials are a non-qualifying competition. Your Zone however may conduct qualifying competitions. 

Event History

In 2003, the first Inter Zone Teams Horse Trials was conducted to give Grade 3 riders a State Level Event. In this year, the event was held concurrently with the Inter Pacific Exchange Rally which was an exciting spectacle for all riders to watch. 

In the following year, Grade 4 riders were included and the Inter Zone Teams Horse Trials has continued annually. It has been a focal highlight of the Grade 3 and 4 calendars for horse trials. 2019 saw introduction of Grade 5 riders as Grade 3 riders were made eligible to compete at the State Horse Trials.

Who can attend? 

Combinations graded Grade 4-5 Horse Trials.

How do I qualify?

There are no State requirements to qualify for this event however your Zone may have qualifying criteria.

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