What is a Pony Club Training Workshop?

Pony Club Training Workshops aim to bring the some of the best coaches together on one day or a weekend to to create a great learning environment for all who attend.  

Who are Pony Club Training Workshop aimed at?

Pony Club Training Workshops are aimed at Pony Club Coaches, Club/Zone Office Bearers, Event Officials, Parents, Riders and any interested person.

What topics are covered?

Topics change as needs change and our attendees ask for different information.  Some of the information sessions conducted at these workshops include:

  • comfort and safety (gear checking and fitting)
  • lungeing
  • course building for showjumping and cross country
  • judging for showjumping and dressage
  • innovative coaching
  • inclusive coaching 
  • and any topic asked for by Clubs or Zones

What is the PCA NCAS? 

Coaches in Pony Club are encourage to attain a PCA NCAS qualification.  The PCA NCAS has two levels the Preliminary and the Level 1.  Level 1 also offers a specialist qualification for Games coaches.

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