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Vicki Jans, Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Currently there are vacancies in the organizing Committee for the Games, Flat and Musical Ride State Champs.

This event is held in November annually. Out of all the PCV State Events the Games, Flat and Musical Ride State Champs embodies the true ‘Pony Club’ spirit. Riders from all ages and abilities (with ponies and horses of all various shapes and sizes) are able to qualify from their zones and compete as a team (whether it be with 2, 4 or 6/7 riders) in either games, flat rides (Pairs and Team of 4) and musical rides.

Meetings are held 4 times a year at the PCV office in Mulgrave with much of the preparation completed by the secretary of the committee. Emails are sent back and forth to confirm details and some organising however most is able to be decided at meetings. 

Expertise in the fields of games (we use Miss Kay games), flat riding, and general interest in providing an inclusive event for all PC riders are welcome!

Expression of Interest Form

Email to office@ponyclubvic.org.au



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