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Sub Committees From the By Laws (Section 4.5)

The State Council is responsible for the creation of, appointment to and dissolution of its sub-committees.

Sub-committees of the State Council must report to, and are responsible to, the State Council and must follow all directives given by the State Council.

Appointments are for a three-year term and one-third of the sub-committee retires each year, or as prescribed from time to time by the State Council. Retiring sub-committee members may be reappointed.

The State Council must approve all documentation (entry forms, programs and promotional material) intended for activities and competitions organised by a sub-committee, before release and distribution to the zones, clubs and club members.

The sub-committee must submit this documentation to the state office for placement on the State Council agenda at least three weeks before a scheduled State Council meeting as specified in the By laws.

Where a sub-committee is required to incur expenses to fulfil its purposes, it mus submit a budget for the ensuing year and/or specific purposes to the state treasurer for approval and then ratification by the State Council before it incurs any expenditure.

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