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Coach Membership, NCAS and other Information about Instructing at Pony Club

Coaches play a vital role in the success of Pony Club.

The Pony Club Rally is considered the backbone of Pony Club, where all learning begins and Coaches play an integral role in creating rallies that are informative, challenging and fun for riders. Coaches need to be able to provide a safe and fun environment for riders to develop skills, confidence, a sense of belonging and a love of horses and horse riding.

Coaching provides senior members with a great way to keep involved with Pony Club after they have moved onto other riding opportunities, or give another avenue to assist their Club whilst continuing to ride. It also provides parents/guardians/adult supporters with an opportunity to get involved on a different level with their Club, to further develop their knowledge of horses and riding; and gives greater confidence in their abilities with horse management, horse ownership or helping their children master their skills in these areas.

Pony Club Victoria runs accreditation courses from Preliminary level, teaching the basics of coaching horse riding and management skills; to Level 1 for those looking to coach at a higher level or to become a Coach Assessor with PCAV.

Pony Club Victoria is committed to providing education, development and resources for coaches at all levels to increase their knowledge and understanding of teaching at Pony Club. It is also important that coaches are valued for their role and enjoy a fun and rewarding experience along their coaching pathway. PCAV runs workshops, training and assessment days throughout the year and across the state to provide support to those looking to improve their coaching skills.

Coach Membership

Coach Membership is compulsory for all coaches at Pony Club, if you are not registered with the PCAV State Body you will not be acknowledge as a PCAV Coach and therefore not covered by PCAV Insurance.  Register here

  • All clubs need to list their coaches on their database whether they are paid or not.
  • All clubs with more than 20 members MUST have at least 1 NCAS Equestrian coach at every rally or activity from January 2015 onwards.
  • All NCAS coaches must attend updating activities such as coaching workshops, clinics, professional development as well as teaching at rallies to remain current.
  • All clubs are required to forward information to coaches regarding NCAS training, accreditation, workshops, clinics, etc.

Coach Insurance Issues

The PCAV Insurance Policy provides cover to the club for:

  • Instruction provided by NCAS Level 1 Coaches to members at authorised and/or sanctioned PCAV activities.
  • Activities undertaken by registered Volunteers (including Club Instructors and Prelim Coaches) on behalf of the club at authorised and/or sanctioned Pony Club Activities.

 Therefore:1. Pony Club qualified PCA NCAS Level 1 and Preliminary Coaches are covered

                 2. Club Instructors and Volunteers are covered

 It is recognised that we reimburse coaches and volunteers for their travel and expenses. There is no cap on this amount as distances travelled can be excessive.

A Coach who receives payment and declares this income is considered to be paid and is no longer classed as a volunteer.

Cover is not provided for:

Non PCA coaches/instructors – Proof of insurance to be obtained from the visiting coach/instructor.

CURRENT EA NCAS Coaches are covered under their own Equestrian Australia Insurance policy to coach Pony Club riders at recognised Pony Club activities in the States that are insured.

EA Coaches who are currently accredited and therefore insured through EA will able to produce a Certificate of Currency to the Club on request.

Registration Form for Club Use

Membership Registration form for Club Instructors  (note this is NOT the form to register unpaid volunteer coaches)

Coach Code of Ethics

Medical Declaration

Unpaid coach regsitration template

Summary Registration Form - to Notify Pony Club Victoria

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