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Falls on Cross Country and Horse Trials Tips


Double, treble or multiple obstacles

If two or more obstacles, although sited close together, are designed as separate problems, each will be numbered and judged independently. A competitor must not, under penalty of elimination, re-take any obstacle, which he has already jumped.

Deleted the words a competitor may refuse twice at each obstacle without incurring elimination" This is now an incorrect statement as 4 refusals over the entire course = Elimination

Faults at obstacles

Faults (refusal, run-out, circling) will be penalised only if in the opinion of the judge concerned, they are connected with the negotiation or attempted negotiation of one of the numbered obstacles. Note that re-taking part of a multiple obstacle after a refusal is not penalised for error of course or by elimination.

The word "fall" has been removed from the bracket as a fall is now elimination anywhere on course.

Circle  At an obstacle composed of several elements (A, B, C, etc…) a horse will be penalized if it passes around any element or circles between elements at any time between first being presented at the obstacle and finally completing the last element. See rule C.12.5.2. However, at an obstacle where any of the elements is black flagged, passing around the last element will not be penalised. See C.14. for a judging diagram

Clarification of the circle rule for black flagged combination fences no changes to the intention of the ruleFalls- Fall of competitor and/or horse any where on the cross country course is Elimination.

As per State Council recommendation, wording from FEI Eventing rules July 2009

Examination after a fall – Medical fitness

All riders who have had a fall during training or competition at an Event must be examined by the official medical officer (or accreditedfirst aid provider) before they take further part in the competitionWhen a rider suffers from unconsciousness and/or Concussion as aresult of a fall during training or competition they will be automaticallydisqualified from the competition and are ineligible to take any furtherpart in any other test or competition at that eventThis is new, taken from FEI Eventing Rules July 2009, and clarifies an area not addressed in our rules previously and is a safety issue for riders.

Compulsory veterinary Inspection

All competitors must proceed to the veterinary inspector immediately after the completion of the cross country, under penalty of elimination. The wording "Competitors must not dismount, under penalty of elimination, until instructed to by the veterinary surgeon or steward "has been removedThis is a relic from the FEI rules when competitors had to weigh in at the completion of cross country and serves no purpose other than another way to eliminate riders unnecessarily. If they do not attend the vet check they will be eliminated.