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InterPacific Rally Exchange

Inter Pacific 1960


  • The Inter Pacific Exchange Rally is conducted every two years. Teams of six riders from Australia, and countries in the Pacific basin meet in the Host Country for a series of social functions, competitive and non competitive activities.

  • Only Associate Members are eligible to apply for selection by each State Association.

  • Members must hold a “B” Efficiency Certificate as a pre-requisite for selection.


The Inter Pacific Rally is a biennial event involving Pony Club Teams from countries in the Pacific Basin. Teams which have taken part in the past are Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and the USA. It is also possible that Great Britain could be a special invitee.

Members of the participating teams must be Associates, who have not turned 21 years by January 1 in the year of the Rally, and they must be a financial member of an affiliated Pony Club.

The competitive aspect of the Rally is the Nations’ Cup Showjumping, involving teams of six riders from each of the participating nations. There is also a One Day Event (Horse Trials) for teams of six riders, which are formed by taking one rider from each participating nation to make “scrambled” teams for this competition.

The Host Country is responsible for providing horses and saddlery for all participants in the Rally. The horses are allocated to the riders by Ballot. Members of the team from the Host Nation are not permitted to ride their own horses.

Competition is not the prime objective of the Exchange Rally; it is simply the vehicle to bring people together from the various nations to share ideas, interests, and cultures – and to establish international friendships. Visiting teams are either billeted with local families or accommodated together at a large complex. It is usual for the Host Nation to arrange a series of non-riding social functions, as well as the competitive riding activities.

The Australian Team will be under the direction and supervision of a Team Manager, who will be appointed by the Australian Pony Club Council.


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