Pony Club Victoria's 2020 membership year runs from the 1 JULY - 31 DECEMBER.

All Pony Club Victoria riding memberships contain a Pony Club Australia membership fee and are GST inclusive.

Individual Pony Clubs may charge their own membership fees on top of the State & National Memberships to help the Club provide instruction, maintain equipment and pay for other costs associated with running a Club.

Every riding member under the age of 18yrs must have a Club Supporting Member listed with the Pony Club.  

All members of Pony Club Victoria will have a Membership Profile within the MyPonyClub database which enables them to control their contact information, enter events, manage horses and keeps a record of your PonyClub experience.


Junior, Associate & Adult

Riding Members must be a member of a Pony Club affiliated with Pony Club Victoria.  Riding members can be aged up to 80yrs, starting ages will vary depending on the club you want to join.  Call the club you wish to join to find out what age rider they cater for.  Below are our riding categories:

Junior Riding Member | FULL YEAR: $76

A junior club member is one under the age of 17 years.

  • $76 JUL-DEC

Associate Riding Member | FULL YEAR: $86

Associate Club Member is aged 17 years and over and can continue membership of their club and receive PCV benefits until 30 June following their twenty-fifth birthday.

  • $86 JUL-DEC

Adult Riding Member | FULL YEAR: $86

An adult riding club member is one aged over 25 and under 80 years of age.

  • $86 JUL-DEC

Riders without Horses

Riders without Horses are members who do not currently own a horse and attend Pony Club through the Riders without Horses program conducted at their club.  Not all Club run a Riders without Horses program, to find a club who offers this program CLICK HERE!

  • $76 JUL-DEC


Any individual who is not a riding member at a Club but spends time supporting the Club to operate.  All riding member under the age of 17yrs must be registered with a Club Supporter.  

All Club Supporter Members who attend the Club more than 3 times in a year must have a Working with Children Check Card recorded on MyPonyClub.



Any person who coaches at a Pony Club must register with Pony Club Victoria and have a valid WWCC. 



Any person who officiates at a Pony Club must register with Pony Club Victoria.



Individuals who are not current riding members of Pony Club Victoria become members for the day.  The first time an individual enters an event as a Day Participant this individual will create a Member Profile in MyPonyClub enabling them to enter events via their profile.



Every member of Pony Club Victoria has a Member Profile which enables our members to control their personal data, buy merchandise, manage horses, find and enter events, renew memberships and plenty more.  MyPonyClub comes with an APP so all this can be managed from your phone too!


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