UPDATE | Thoroughbred Industry Careers Pony Club Australia National Championships 2021
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UPDATE | Thoroughbred Industry Careers Pony Club Australia National Championships 2021

Pony Club Victoria since taking on the responsibility of hosting the Pony Club National Championships 2021, has worked to deliver an event that is safe, respectful and enjoyable for the entire Pony Club community.

Pony Club Victoria believes that all riders chosen to attend the event should do so without compromise or concern. Unfortunately, given the uncertainty of COVID-19, we cannot guarantee the following in 2021:

  • The ability of all states to be involved
  • Freedom of interstate or intrastate travel
  • Health restrictions by government authorities allowing acceptable capacity attendance in a risk-free environment
  • An acceptable level of risk that interstate riders and their supporters will not be locked down in Victoria while at the event
  • Collaboration with Pony Club Australia to deliver an event with minimal risk

Pony Club Victoria has assessed the risk of conducting a major national event in Victoria in light of the current volatile health climate due to the COVID-19 pandemic and decided it is not possible to operate a safe, respectful and enjoyable event for the entire Pony Club community in riders, volunteers, officials, supporters and spectators.

This risk assessment was communicated to Pony Club Australia with a proposal to postpone the event to a date when the health situation in Australia was more stable. Pony Club Australia has declined this option.

Pony Club Victoria in collaboration with the National Championships Organising Committee position and clear intent has been to collaborate with Pony Club Australia, being unified and fully committed to present a successful event that operates under conditions that are fully compliant with government directions across all states of Australia.

Pony Club Victoria and the National Organising Committee are disappointed with the current outcome, especially considering the substantial volunteer effort and energy already contributed to the organisation of this event.

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