COVID-19 UPDATE | 25 NOV 2020 - "Last Step" easing of restrictions
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COVID-19 UPDATE | 25 NOV 2020 - "Last Step" easing of restrictions


25 NOVEMBER 2020

Further to advice relating to the last step restrictions, announced on 22 November 2020, the following directions are provided to assist in therunning of rallies, clinics and club activities under the Restricted Activity Directions (Victoria) (no 2).

The restrictions came into effect at 11.59pm on 22 November 2020.


  • The approach to equestrian activities is ‘get in, compete, get out’, minimising unnecessary contact at the event.
  • The protocol of only the minimum personnel required to run the sport being permitted onsite applies.
  • Contact and non-contact sport are now permitted (for all ages).
  • Age groups are permitted to mix.
  • Indoor facilities may now be used, subject to restrictions (outlined below)
  • Masks – indoors> remain mandatory (unless you have a lawful reason) for all workers, volunteers, participants and members of the public while indoors (including toilets, event offices, clubhouses etc and indoor arenas).
    • When using indoor areas, masks must be worn at all times unless you are riding (or exercising) at which point the mask can be removed once you have mounted the horse and is worn again once you have dismounted.
  • Masks – outdoors> are no longer required to be worn outdoors, unless you are unable to physically distance, however they are required to be carried at all times.
  • Masks are mandatory for when you transition to an indoor space such as toilets, event offices, clubhouses.


  • Social distancing of 1.5m applies.
  • 1 person per 4sqm density quotient is still to be applied across your club or venue.
  • Review your COVIDSafe plan, to ensure in line with current guidance.
  • Appoint a COVIDSafe Officer to oversee activities.
  • The COVIDSafe app should be downloaded and actively used.
  • Record the name, contact details and time at venue, of everyone who comes into your venue. (These records must be kept secure and for a period of 28 days).
  • Check with venue owners/managers regarding venue-specific requirements.
  • Group and participation limits are to be applied as outlined below:
      Venue cap - Up to 500* patrons on-site applies – this is made up of participants (competitors) and spectators. *Subject to density quotient.
    • Class cap- Outdoor rallies, clinics and organised club activities may be held with groups of a maximum of 50 riders plus coach/s and support personnel subject to the density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm. You may have multiple groups however they must be separated by a reasonable distance.
      Venue cap- Up to 150* patrons on site applies – this is made up of participants (competitors) and spectators. *Subject to density quotient.
      Class cap- Indoor rallies, clinics and organised Club activities may be held with groups of 20 including the coach and spectators, subject to the density quotient.

While your capacity may increase, it is strongly recommended to still only run your sport within your capacity to deliver a COVIDSafe event (ie. just because you can increase numbers, we don’t recommend you do).
While you can now have spectators on site, we recommend you only permit them if you can SAFELY manage them within a COVIDSafe framework.

  • Facilities such as clubhouses, communal change rooms (including showers), and toilets can open. Density quotient of 1 per 4 square metres applies.
  • Clubrooms and other facilities may be opened with a limit of 20 indoors subject to the density quotient. Display sign at entrance indicating limit.
  • Common use areas and surfaces are to be cleaned regularly. Encourage good hygiene.
  • Encourage use of hand sanitiser and have readily available on site.
  • Disinfect equipment after handling – avoid sharing of equipment where possible.
  • Schedule activities to expedite participation and avoid overcrowding.
  • Implement processes to streamline check-in, payments and bookings – avoiding unnecessary gatherings and double handling of items.
  • Persons displaying any symptoms must not attend or be permitted on site.
  • Persons displaying any symptoms, after arrival, must depart the site immediately.
  • Determine protocols if a person presents with symptoms or develops symptoms onsite.
  • Canteens can open – takeaway only and be taken off-site.
  • Clubs may re-open locked grounds for training and exercise provided a booking system is in place to limit numbers at the venue and assist tracing. Rules in line with the requirements for rallies and group training are to be applied.

  • Yard/Stables provided by the venue/OC:
    Alternate yards/stables to be used. EXCEPT in the instance where horses AND Riders come from the same bubble.
  • Yard/Stables provided by the rider:
    If providing their own yards, they do not need to alternate yards within their own area. However, the OC does need to ensure that private yards are appropriately distanced from neighbouring private yards.
  • There is a required (minimum) distance of 4m between trucks/cars/floats, including portable yards or other equipment associated with the float/vehicle.
  • If you are going to tie up horses on corresponding sides of a float then the appropriate distancing needs to be in place.
*We are monitoring this and will review as further restrictions are eased
  • Some discipline-specific guidelines may apply for the running of events. Refer to your association for further details.
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