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The following criteria will be used by the selectors when determining the teams:

  • All combinations will be considered, including riders with two mounts, each combination will be rated independently by each Selector using a point scale.
  • The Selectors will come together with their scores for each combination to make the final choice.

Consideration will be given to the following:

  • Recent performances at all levels of competition Current form at or above the National Championship competition criteria
  • Experience and length of time at Grade1/A Grade Performance at PCA State Championships at Grade 1/A Grade Performances at Pony Club Events
  • Performances at Equestrian Australia and Schools competitions

Riders with two horses for consideration:

  • Riders who submit two horses for consideration will be selected on the best performed horse.
  • If their second horse also rated within the top 8 it will be added as a second mount for that rider should their first mount be unavailable due to injury
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