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Starting a new Pony Club

If you think that there are enough potential new members to start a Pony Club in your area, these are a few things to consider: for more information please call the office - 8685 8925

Clubs must  be incorporated to be a member of the Pony Club Association of Victoria

A minimum of five responsible adults are needed to form an association, there are no minimum numbers for riding members, but to be viable you would need a few to get started. Be aware that there is a fair bit of work getting a new club up and running, and the load needs to be shared.

It's really important to have clear goals for your club - what will it mean to be a member of your club - what do you intend to achieve with it - what standards of behaviour, community involvement and commitment would you expect of your members? 

Clubs need to work with their (potential) Zone as a mentor. They would apply through this Zone to be a Probationary Club in PCAV. Probationary Club status runs for a minimum of 6 months, and after being assessed by their Zone they can then apply for full affiliation. Zones are organized along broadly geographic areas, with some 'blending' around the perimeters.

Riding members of Probationary Clubs cannot compete as Pony Club members at Pony Club events (they can ride Open without needing to pay Day attendance fees; their membership card will be proof of PCAV membership).

Insurance for a Club's grounds (20,000.000.00 Public Liability) comes with their member's insurance, when they register with and pay PCAV. Rallys and Events must be run under PCAV rules - Gear Rules always apply. 

To get support for your potential new Club, get the message out into your local community (notices in feed stores, newsagents, schools; facebook; good old 'word of mouth' etc) and call a meeting. Let your Zone Rep know well ahead of time so that hopefully they can send someone along to help.

More information in the By Laws


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